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About Us

PrimS is a private limited company providing full software development life cycle and consulting services. The breadth of our experience both in-house and on-the-ground, and within dedicated software development circles has provided us with a solid foundation upon which to build. We assure you that if you invite us in to help your company develop, then we can rapidly turn your ideas into fully functional systems.

Having formed initially using RAD tools at PrimS we have continually embraced the latest techniques, tools and standards to derisk your development processes and deliver highly tested, maintainable, readable code. Precision, accuracy and reliability are cornerstones upon which we build, balanced appropriately by time-to-market and performance. We have specialised primarily in the full Microsoft development stack, but have also incorporated best-of-breed CI & DevOps tooling to shorten the full delivery lifecycle at every opportunity too.

Let us handle your technology needs while you concentrate on your core business!